Step 1: Look for happiness

Happiness. Big word, huh? Let me ask a bigger question. What do you know about happiness? Is it proportionate to success? Or does it mean, to be able to die peacefully?

Neither! Happiness is simple. Achievable. Pleasant.

Look into the next room and find your mother. Hug her. Thank her. Give her a peck on cheeks and show your gratitude. For things she had done in sickness and in good health. Things which none told her to do, but she did. Selflessly. Some of you may not have a chance to thank your mother for the food she made, so that you don’t sleep empty stomachs. But for the rest of you, it’s not too late. Are we willing to take our chances? Or do we desire to grab the first opportunity to make things right? Or simply, better.

Humans have delicate souls. We communicate, and therefore sometimes, make things complicated. We’re hurt easily because words are powerful, and only a few of us know how to accurately operate the function of a boneless tongue. Harsh words are spoken all the time. To family and friends, to lovers and absolute strangers. Does it make us any less humans? Does it prove that we’re dead inside? Nope! Because love still continues to approach. The blessings are showered, in one way or another. Are we too blind to notice? Or are we too stubborn to care?

Everyday people wake up and make compromises in life for the people they love. For example, your father may not be possibly enjoying his job. He might had craved for a different career when he was 22. But today, he continues to go to work, so that you don’t have to bargain on your appetite and ambition. Yet you get upset for a trip he can’t afford or for a lover who never respected your time. You tempt to take on antagonism and spread adversity upon your old man who had a rough day. Is it fair? Ask yourself twice, maybe thrice. The answer’s NO. Because despite everything, you don’t have any right to prejudice your relationship with those two people who are solely responsible for your existence. Trust me, even in heaven, you can’t justify your reason why you hurt them.

Ever heard of “Fake it till you make it”? It’s an attitude in which people tend to imitate optimism and show confidence in what they’re doing. It’s an effective strategy and science has backed this psychological theory over the years.

Try faking happiness even when you don’t really feel like it, eventually complications will seem to disappear and you’ll begin to feel rejuvenated. I hope one day you’ll learn to let go of baggage you can’t carry. I know one day you’ll, but that might be 20 years from now, when you’ve mastered the art of living and seen the tactics of life. But that’d be too late, you’d have felt a lot of pain till then, and I don’t wish the same for you. I want you to learn ASAP. The importance of being happy when you’re least feeling it, otherwise you’re definitely going to miss out the precious years of your youth and finest being.

Live a life you’ve always dreamed of, work hard every day, make things happen and most importantly, make things possible. Know what it takes to be alive and cherish each breath. I know you can do it, and you’ll. Because you need to be happy.

You’ve to let go of people who are gone. You’ve to learn to make the ones happy who are close. Of course, you can’t please everyone and that’s alright. Your friends and family – they are good people. You need to be thankful to God, because now you have them. Tomorrow they won’t be around, you’ll miss them then. God forbid if that happens, you’ll be depressed again. We get one shot at life. Do you want to waste it by being constantly depressed? Are you born for this? That isn’t you. Understand life, before it leaves you, and everyone else you care about. Be with the people in vicinity, make them feel your presence, and extensive interest. Build good moments and celebrate life. Creating memories is substantial, as today you spread joy, tomorrow you wake up contented.

Happiness won’t find you always. Hence, you have to take charge and discover it.

By Swamini Khanvilkar

One comment

  1. I just skimmed through your post and the word you used are wow. And I must say, it really cool, it that gives people a chance to think about life.

    Please keep the motivational word coming.

    Thank you so much for adding an inspired words to me this morning.

    Happy Sunday

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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