Everlasting Love

Dear long-term lover,

I don’t think love is about finding another damaged version of yours. It can be as simple as adding two solubles together. You can sure tell the difference, but those will still dissolve.

We’re two different people with two varied perspectives who have made it this far. Funny, isn’t it?

Now that I look back, I never thought I’d find one true love in your sublime body. May be because our souls chose to dance and ended up being best of friends. Secretly, I’m glad that they did.

In previous years, we’ve felt a combination of parallel emotions – love, hatred, anxiety, and jealousy among others. Like facing a sentimental hurricane in the middle of a thrilling roller coaster ride.

When my friends talk about deliberating trust issues with their partners, I feel blessed. As comfort and trust came naturally to us. One day, I looked into your eyes and in that moment, I witnessed the truth. Standing across, we found each other without blinking an eye.

I don’t say it out loud because I don’t wish to jinx what we share. But when I take a glance at you, somewhere deep down, I fathom staring at a figure who’d never hurt me, and would always keep me guarded.

I’ve read about how friends become family and lovers begin to feel like home. You can’t recognize the moment it happens, but you know, once it does, you can’t go back being ‘just’ of any relation. Because from that instant, this person isn’t going to smell the same. And henceforth, you’ll be obsessed by the mere idea of his existence complimenting yours.

My mother once told me, “Falling truly in love with someone is rare, but the chances of that person loving you back are exceptional. So never risk the odds of losing him over something that can be fixed.” I don’t wonder why I picked up relationship goals from home.

The youth says YOLO and the old-school romantics write poetry. But it’s all about living and loving infinitely. The most tenacious emotion and the cohesive bond known to mankind is love. And I absolutely feel it.

But, are you courageous enough to hold on or let go?

Do tell.

Yours in a heartbeat.


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