Travelogue by A Pacific Soul

It was so beautiful that I couldn’t spot a difference whether it was overwhelming or depressing.
Dec 12, 2016

9 AM, Monday

Thol Lake, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

I was facing the stable lake and my right cheek was sun kissed. There was silence all over in midst of the chirping of birds. I think they were trying to tell me something. Something that I needed to know.

I was no less human when I came to this place. Moments ago I walked away from the group of friends I came along with. It might have looked rude but I couldn’t help it when my soul becomes acquisitive at times and asks for some lone time.

After a few minutes of walk and amateur photography session, I decided to stand at one place, close my eyes and just take everything in for once. A string of thoughts rode along and my heart felt heavy. Being a writer, I always long for good content for my readers. I took out my cellphone and started typing. My fingers were numb and the air touching my face was cooler. I chose to put speaker mode on but as I started to speak, the language detector was unable to note down the exact words. It took me less than a minute to realize that my voice was shaking and tears started to roll down my cheeks. I couldn’t figure out the reason behind it but I chose to calm myself first. I started taking deep breaths and felt composed later.


I replayed the past happenings in my mind:
During my walk, I had seen many people – a group of friends, clicking pictures and creating memories; a kid walking behind his grandfather, literally following his footsteps; a friend (who probably loved her) listening to a girl whose heart was just broken and had troubles at her job; a couple, walking hand in hand down the narrow path like there’s nothing else in the world that matters; and a wildlife photographer (with a huge pair of lens in a multi-functional camera) who stared at a spot for 10 minutes or more, in order to get a perfect and satisfactory picture.

These people was doing their own work like the birds in the sanctuary who were flying or swimming or sitting peacefully on the small islands in the lake. When you go to an underwater aquarium or wildlife sanctuary, your aim is to enjoy your day and look what the little creatures are up-to. But little do we know, these animals are up-to their daily routine. And yet making a difference in our lives – we feel joy when we see a Panda sleeping or a Kangaroo jumping or a dog simply moving his tail.


My work as a writer is to write and be inspirational. When a person comments “thank you” after reading my post, that happiness will always hole much value than the one which I felt after getting my first paycheck.

Happiness is overrated. Sooner I realized what the birds were trying to signal. As I was in a state of mind about solo-traveling, I was questioning it all over. Maybe that’s why I knew in that moment, I was up for it completely. I am supposed to do my job gracefully – like the sun rises and wind blows; making the difference all over.


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