Hello! Stranger?

Dear husband-to-be,

We haven't met yet (Yes! It's August 11, 2017 and I'm pretty sure of it). Not because my naive astrologer said so, but I'd have known if the case was otherwise.

I wish to believe, whenever we meet, maybe tomorrow or couple of years from now, I'd not see you as a random guy I met at an airport or through a mutual friend at a bar. If you're lucky enough, the infatuation would be two-way. Hence for the rest of your life, you won't have to hear about how you didn't fall for me first.

You'd be probably 6 feet tall, with a good sense of humour and highly prosperous career (no shit, when I'm in my 20s, love can be a bit calculative). Let me aware you, our first date would be awkward. Me being clumsy (the usual), and you thinking oh-why-is-she-so-weird (trying to find comfort in – the usual). Trust me, if we get through that phase, in rest of the years you'd do just fine.

There'll be at least 2-3 years of serious dating before you realise that you want to spend a substantial half of your lifetime dealing with my drama (and trauma, but don't worry, I'm cute). When you do, please cut the chase and contact my best friend on how-to-propose-in-the-most-romantic-manner (I hear, she gets some pretty amazing ideas for my birthdays).

The day we get married, I imagine myself sitting at the centre of the bed. You might be standing near wardrobe, in front of the mirror combing your hair. Or moving around in the room. Else, candidly lying beside me, adjusting to your newly lessened bed space. I'd stretch my arms and ask you to sit in front of me. To hold hands – simply yet quietly. After a few minutes, I see us talking, mostly laughing on the times when we never thought this day could happen. We'd take that moment to appreciate our lives, realise that we're now a team. We won a race together, we still have a lot many to conquer ('cause life doesn't get any easier).

In that particular instance, we won't be worrying about having children, and raising them right. Saving money to send them to college, or to buy a bigger house and car. We'd close our eyes and replay our previous years – good/bad relationships, successful/failed jobs, exciting/anxious emotions when we moved to another city. Honestly, we'd recall our spent lives with/without each other.

Hoping to be more sure of our days together. Promising to not leave behind friendships or dreams. Being grateful for our mere presence in that room. Amused, smirking and never letting go.

Our forever will begin thereupon.

– Can't wait to be yours


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