My Power to Empower

“How did you get through engineering?”

“I became a writer by the end of it. Haha.”

That’s how my conversation goes with my friends. I found an escape in reading novels and writing my thoughts and sharing it with the world on social media. First, I had friends who supported me. Second, I gained followers who connected with my thoughts. Third, I gained a couple of fans who fell in love with my work (at least that’s what I was told)!

To be honest, I’m an average writer. A really bad engineer. And, a worst 12th Science student. I didn’t understand the technicalities of the scientific universe. I didn’t understand how the electrical machines worked. And, I didn’t know how to write the characters and develop a 40,000 words story around it. I still don’t.

As I grew older, I got a wider understanding of life and its philosophy. I’m not saying that I’m wise or a philosopher but I had my own experiences and I drew some conclusions out of it. I see my life and its incidents – good or bad – and I keep it on a huge white blank canvas. I witness my achievements and mistakes. My strengths and my weaknesses.

I’m turning into a better person each growing year and I need no external validation to prove that. I know this because I’ve been micro-analysing my life since childhood. When I looked outside at other people on the roads, I’d think that each one of them was a part of a different story. Each one of them was coming from and going towards different directions. In that moment, we were all fortunate to cross our paths. This thought was very fascinating for my 10-year old mind.

By the age of 21, I had realised that everything I had heard from my parents and teachers was true. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, all those life-learnings started making sense. If I walk to a 16-year old and give him the life guide – ‘rules to live by’ or ‘don’t make these mistakes’, I don’t expect him to understand it or play safe. I didn’t, why would he? We all are bound to make our own mistakes and learn from them. Because our paths are different. Even the people who are born twins, their everyday emotions and struggles are different. We, as a bunch of so-called experienced humans, can only hope for our younger generation to not lose their innocence any sooner along the rough way.

It was also around the same age, when I had understood the importance of education. After seeing my mother’s struggles for over the years, I witnessed her raising our family above mediocrity. From making sure that we had food on the table, clothes on our bodies to the fact that we received the best education in town. I’m not only blessed to have her because she gave me birth or nurtured me my whole life. I thank God everyday because that kind lady is way ahead of her generation and time. Her ideas are sharper and brighter than mine. I understood what education can do to a woman. I understood what an educated woman can do for a whole family. It was mind-blowing because the results were empowering!

Today, I call myself an Education Enthusiast (thanks Mom!). I believe that education can take you to places, money can’t. That’s why, I’m always keen to volunteer or intern at various places, which help me grow as a person though they don’t pay because of low budget. But some experiences can’t be closely compared to monetary. I believe that right education has the power to take you to right places.

I also call myself an Instagram Influencer. Honestly, I lose more followers in a day than I gain. I post a lot! Reason being: I’m using Instagram since it was launched. That’s why, I even got my username as @swamini (Got lucky!). So, when I myself was trying to raise above mediocrity, I followed a lot of travel bloggers. They inspired me everyday. I’d love to see their posts – the places they visited, the food they ate, and the angles they took their photographs from. They were the real influencers in my life. I had never traveled before and I had no money to travel in near future, yet I was so inspired that I got a tattoo written ‘Wanderlust’ with three flying birds on my left shoulder. After a couple of months, a beautiful conspiracy by the universe took place and I got to travel solo in southern India. Later, I moved to London and got to travel across England a bit. That time, I started posting with a frequency of a blogger. I lost followers and got criticism of being an Instagram slave from my friends, amongst other things. Amidst all that, I’d constantly get messages from people who genuinely liked what I posted and how much they looked forward to see my posts. I developed a candid love for London across hearts and a sincere interest for travelling. Most importantly, I was able to develop a sense of possibility amongst my followers who came from the same background as me. I don’t only post when there are good days, none likes a show-off. I don’t only post about the bad days, none wants additional negativity from social media. I do talk about my background and struggles because I want to make a point that when things aren’t there for you upfront, you need to make it happen.

Live a life you’re meant to live. I repeat it constantly to myself and to all the people I come across. I can’t stress enough on this. The law of attraction is the single most valuable thing that has happened to mankind. The sooner you understand it, the lesser struggle you’ll have in life. As an influencer, I don’t intend to make people travel to a particular place or buy a certain product, that’s why I never collaborate with various businesses when they offer me to. Instead, I intend to make people believe and develop faith in their dreams. It can be anything – from travelling to becoming a professional. Everything is achievable if you desire it from the purest core of your heart. I’m saying this with confidence because I’ve experienced it work for me. I don’t see why it won’t work for anyone else.

Your dreams are the most important entities you carry in your life. The act to pursue your dreams, make it the sole purpose your life and you’ll see that no force can stop you. Try it yourself! 🙂



  1. I’m glad for you that you succeed in what you like to do. However, it is not as easy as you say. You can’t just “decide” that you will live your dream.
    Well… you can decide it, but chances are that it will not happen, not even close. (You can read my blog of today to get an idea….)
    But as I said: I’m glad for you. 🙂

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    • Hello! Thanks for reading my blog.
      I read your blog, it’s very inspiring. I can relate to the point where you wrote about difficulties finding a job. I can’t agree more to that. I’m Indian who recently moved to London, in order to keep my visa, I’ve less than a month. Somewhere in my heart, I know that there’s no way that I’d be able to find a job in this short period of time. So, I made another plan to move to other country for further education. I understand that life doesn’t always work out the way you want. But you need to keep moving ahead and make the best out the things which are on your plate. I don’t have finances to take the next step. But I didn’t have it when I wanted to come to England. Things work out eventually and you end up with things which are best for you, rather than sometimes what you desired for. 🙂 cheers!

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      • Thank you for your response. It is good to have a conversation.
        When I was young and single, things were easier, but rarely like my dreams. Now, I’m a single mother of a teenager and just packing up and walking away is not an option. There’s his school, his friends, and also… there is no one who would help me packing up a whole household, with dog.
        You need to enjoy life while it is easy, without children. Later, all you do is finding ways to provide.
        I hope you find this elusive job, or find an excellent plan to establish yourself elsewhere. 🙂
        I will follow your posts here on wordpress and see how things go for you.


      • Hello! I understand your concern. It’s like my mother’s life story all over again. She raised me like a single mother too. I know she compromised a lot, even still those struggles haven’t ended for us. That’s why she gave me wings to fly far away from the chaos. I hope things work out for you. I know your son will always appreciate your efforts and one day, when he grows into a fine young man, it’ll all seem worth it. It’s a good life, and we’re very fortunate people.
        I wrote another blog today, before this one – The Perfect Woman (, if you can spare some time to read and let me know what you think, it’d be great! I think this topic is closely related to our conversation!
        Cheers! 🙂

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      • I like your other blog very much. It is very creative and expresses many thoughts that most of us have at one point or another.
        Your mother…. make sure you do the things you want to do before being a mother; that way, your compromises are not too difficult.
        I have, in fact, lived a great life before coming a mother. I am STILL living a great life because I love my son and am so grateful to have him, however the burden of being the sole provider is very heavy. Thankfully, my child is my joy… even now that he is a teenager. LOL


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