Welcome to my travel blog!

I like to call myself a travel influencer and these posts are here to showcase the glimpse of my mini adventures across the UK, Europe and India.


Swamini Khanvilkar

I quit my first job at the age of 21 because I couldn’t see myself working on the desk 6 days a week. My heart longed to travel but not at the cost of giving up on my career. So, I decided to study abroad and came to the UK.

Currently, I’m pursuing MA in Creative Writing & Publishing from London (YES! My first trip abroad). I work 3 days a week and save up to travel around. Nothing fancy going on, I’ve literally taken only three flights in my entire life of 23 years, but I’ve been around a bit.

These blogs are to influence people from all financial backgrounds to get their backpacks and make most of the money they earn.

As it is rightly said:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Send me an email for business collaboration or any query on talesbrew@gmail.com

Happy Reading, Young Traveller!